02. Ecommerce Database design with product variations (part 1) | Laravel Vue Ecommerce Development

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In this video you will learn to design a ecommerce master database design with product variations and other cool thing. This is part 1 for the database design. 🙂

Download flutter app template and html template :

Hi all, I am starting a new series. Premium Enterprise Grade Laravel Vue Ecommerce App Development. **Please check the description for all information.**

**How to become a premium member ?**
**Pay $25/2000BDT to become a member.**

**Paypal **


**After the payment inbox us in our page :**

Or message me :
And then we will add you in our premium facebook members group :

**Topics we are going to cover**
1. Route + Model + Controller ​
2. Laravel Eloquent Relationships​
3. Domain Driven Design (DDD)​
4. Scope Query​
5. Mutator and Accessor​
6. Email and notifications​
7. Events and Listeners​
​**8. Queues and Jobs ( Premium ) ​​**
9. Advanced Eloquent​
10. Advanced Error/Exception and live tracking ( Premium ) ​
​**11. Real time support chat and tracking using WebSocket ( Premium ) ​​**
12. Creating Artisan Commands ​
​**13. Caching and Redis ( Premium ) ​​**
​**14. Server set up, security and deployment ( Premium ) ​​**
15. Payments and Cashier​
​**15. Package Development ( Premium ) ​​**
**16. Dedicated support ( Premium ) ​**

And many more…

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