Debloat your Android phone – No Root!

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In this video I’ll show you how to uninstall any app on your Android phone to debloat it, without needing root access.


Links to latest version of ADB:



Links to my debloat lists:

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  1. A big thank you! I had MMI Group app installed on my new Samsung A7 tablet and it had basically every permission granted (all files, camera, microphone, like 52 permissions) . No option to remove it or even disable it in settings. Did lots of research and apparently only Samsung devices manufactured in the caribbean have it preinstalled (I'm in the UK). I wanted it gone because I didn't trust my tablet with that app having all those permissions. Its gone now!! Now I'm gonna go get rid of the preinstalled microsoft junk too.

  2. how can one trust someone who, during a tutorial, says "In the description down below I will leave some commands…" that are necessary…knowing the commands to type to make this thing work? and without knowing the commands, one can not remove any bloatware. Interesting. Perhaps, someone has seen me all over trying to teach myself how to do all this shit and in EVERY SINGLE TUTORIAL I'VE WATCHED AND FOLLOWED STEP BY STEP…THE INSTRUCTURE ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL LEAVES OUT ONE CRITICAL STEP OR KEY BIT OF INFORMATION. In these tech tutorials I haven't seen a single video that hasn't done this. Why? Its statistically impossible that every single one does the same thing. Assholes.

  3. Thank you sooo much for this amazing tutorial dude! Best one on youtube by far.
    I have just one question, you think its safe to delete the "Google" app? it takes up 500 mb on my device and from what I could tell its just a browser , but why would google make another browser?


  4. adb uninstall (enter)
    adb dumpsys bettery (shows battery count only the first 3 digit show the number, mine has 320 cicles of charge)

  5. Really good video. Many thanks.

    Just one thing: Green text on a black background in the command prompt screen is difficult to read. Maybe next time set the text colour to white.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello mate. I have a question: what happens if I'll uninstall standart launcher on my Vivo x50 pro plus? The thing is that this phone was released for chineese market exclusively and well… there are chineese apps all-over! You can download normal apps use use them pretty fine but only two biggest pronlems i couldn't defeat: 1) standart v-app store is running automatically imstead of Play Market when you open an app's link 2) chineese analog of Google feed (news bar which appears when you swipe to the right from home screen) can not be changed to the google's one. Any help? 🙂

  7. BTW after debloat an old phone, the battery refreshed and last one full day! Phone looks neat and it flows flawlessly smooth. Thank you NFM and ADB

  8. Why after Uninstall, apps continue showing at the end of settings-applications-all apps list?
    Is there a way of getting 100% rid of them?

  9. maybe a dumb question but what kind of usb connection must be specified when connecting to the pc? there's file transfer, tethering, midi, ptp, or no data transfer. I assume "file transfer" but that's not working for me.

  10. You can buy a phone, but its never yours.. all the Companys are allready in your phone, to make money out of your data.. i hate this policy..

  11. why use -k option leaving cached files?

    you should not need them since you are uninstalling the app (and also you made a backup of the system), right?

    I appreciate an explanation


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