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  1. thanks this really helped me i'm making a painting for my mom I think she will really like it. She loves sparkles, so when I painted my paper black, I added glitter while it was still wet. Thanks!

  2. Can you give me tips on how to make that gassy or cloudy effect with the paint because I find it really hard to do please I would really appreciate it

  3. Your work is amazing. I also made a galaxy painting. Wish I would have seen your video 1st. Thank you for Sharing
    My galaxy speed painting link is here👉Watch "Abstract Painting Demonstration Galaxy" on YouTube

  4. I think I'll use this method and try it on my maple wood drum shells (probably start with a black leather dye for the base). Then clear coat with a UV Polyester finish after the paint is applied and dried. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  6. Video great, ad completely inappropriate. Do you have control over the ads that show on your videos? Thank you for sharing your talent!


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