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An in-depth look into the making of Dwindle Distribution’s skateboard decks straight from our wood shop, Douglas Street Manufacturing. Watch as freshly cut logs of Canadian Maple are sliced up into veneers then molded to specifically calculated contours and shapes to form some of the best quality skateboard decks available in the world today. Combining new technology with innovative creative input from the very riders who represent our brands DSM really is designed and built by skateboarders. Enjoy your visual tour of DSM.

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  1. Who really makes the best decks? DSM? Powell/Skate1? Schmitt Stix? At first glance, maybe DSM because if their proprietary epoxy glue and because the Mutt backs it up. But at the same time, George Powell clearly knows his stuff and has been involved in deck design longer than anyone. But on the other hand Paul Schmitt makes decks for more brands than anyone. Element, Birdhouse, Meow, just to name a few. Schmitt Stix are clearly the industry leader. I've tried all 3 and cant really spot much difference. We know all the veneers are the same and come from the same place. The presses and shapes are pretty similar too. The entire industry has long abandoned multi deck pressing. So I guess I'll say Dwindle just because of the glue and the Mutt.

  2. It's funny how some people worry about where in the world their boards are made. People trip out about boards being made in China but they fail to realize that China can make stuff at any sort of quality they want. They're advanced enough to have the machine and man power to do so. It really just depends on how much money the wood shop and/or the board company wants to spend on their batch of decks. Pro decks get more care while price point decks get less care. Yes, there's going to be defects here and there but that's the story for almost every wood shop out there! Same goes for truck companies. Indy being made in China doesn't really say anything bad about the trucks themselves. Again, it's up to how much the manufacturer wants to spend on the R&D process for their product. If they want to spend less money on their products, they'll get a less well made product than those who invest more money into their R&D


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