1. I still have this chair. 6 years on. No problems structurally.

    Things that have occurred in 6 years:
    Pleather has worn around the buttocks area, on the pillow, and the lumbar support. The elastic has failed in both straps of the lumbar support too. The left arm pad is missing chunks from jeans pocket buttons catching when jumping into the chair. The piston has begun to fail and I will sometimes sink slowly. Half of the plastic foot rest things above the wheels have snapped off from repeated kicking when bored over the years.

    Other that this, the chair is still rock solid, and shows no signs of giving up

  2. LOL god bless you for this video, bought this chair second hand and couldnt figure out for the life of me how to lower it since im so short – couldnt find a video showing how up close. thanks 🙂

  3. DXRacer is a garbage company selling garbage products.

    Literally a few days after my chair's warranty expired the gas cylinder failed (wouldn't hold the chair up AND leaked oil all over the floor). They told me they couldn't do anything for me. So, I bought a replacement cylinder directly from them and it failed TWO MONTHS later. I put in a ticket for replacement and they said they don't replace faulty parts. Brand new replacement parts provided by them carry no warranty. So, twice they had an opportunity to make it right AND make a customer for life and twice they told me they couldn't help me, give us more money.

    Avoid DXRacer. They don't stand behind their products and they don't care.

  4. Sometimes i really wonder if the chair makers have any idea at all on what a good chair should be….

    Soft foam = Bad foam
    Shoulder padding in an angle = Uncomfortable to those with wide shoulders
    Contour forearms rests = Hard to align to the tabletop.
    Vertical seat padding = Forget about spreading your legs.
    … on top of that, it's a chair for small people with a minimun seat height of 48cm…
    There are more negative aspects to this chair… but why bother….

    Stay away from DXRacer.
    And please, Linus Tech, next time tell us if DXRacer sent that chair to you, or you bought it with your own money.
    Difference being, nobody should pay attention to what you say if you didnt buy it.

  5. Will u do a review on the SecretLab chairs? One on their smaller chairs from them and one on the bigger chairs from them. So preferably the Omega and Titan XL. I know you got some bigger guys in your office and I’m tired of buying chairs.

  6. ah fuk no… after watching the video about the stitches of the chair… they all come fucking with bad stitches and bad lines…1:58 look at the orange in one side completally off compared with the other lmao… 2:04 that shit is completelly squared when should be rounded, remember you paying a kidney to this chair who should be premium… 2:09 look at that border… 2:25 look at that saguy pu leather on the right side… 3:53 premium chair that looks 2000 games graphics… SQUARED lmao xD 4:59 the top line in the backrest… one gets cut by the hole, the other is below the hole… that is just a trigguer, doesn even make a difference but once you realise it, it will trigguer you everytime xD dxracer is just the cheaper gaming chairs but with premium price tag due to twitch streamers publicity… fuck no… they probably all made in the same factory in china… just rebranded… either i would get a cheaper one or a real premium one…

  7. I dont understand the idea behind the bucket seat gaming chair. I had a car with bucket seats and side bolsters….to hold you in place while cornering…

    Shouldnt a "gaming" chair be insanely ergonomic instead of flat and shaped like a bucket seat? After 2-3 hours in a bucket seat , my back is killing me.

    Maybe a herman miller computer chair (that's ergonomically designed) review next?

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  10. Linus, you sold me a crap chair, after 2 years of use the fake leather is peeling off and the gas lift fails constantly going down if you move a little… DX Racer = DX Garbage, never again….

  11. I actually use this chair at work at a technical service company haha.
    I needed a new chair because the old one was just .. shitty.
    They offered me to take one from the office and believe it or not, the only one that was perfect for me (1m99 / 103kg), was this one. It's black/blue though.
    I love it and I'm saving up to buy one myself 🙂


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