DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair Review – The King of all Gaming Chairs?

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Today I’m reviewing my DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair. I feel like a lot of people hastily reviewed their chairs so today, after months of using and experiencing it, I’m going to point out the pros and cons of this series of chairs by elaborating upon what they did amazingly and what could have used a bit more polish.

This is the model I got!
Adjustable Arms/Multi-functional Mechanism/Strong Aluminium Base/Carbon Look Vinyl and PU cover/3″ PU Casters

DXRacer eBay page:

Thanks for watching, guys!

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DXRacer was founded in 2003 as a manufacturer of high quality racing car seats with a primary focus on strict quality management. Through innovative business ideas, DXRacer became a world leader among OEM car accessory manufacturers. After years of innovation and investment in research and development, the product range has expanded to include computer chairs and gaming seats. We constantly strive for quality and design. Top content creators, eSports organizations and casual gamers alike, all use and love our products.
We focus on ergonomic design for all DXRacer products in order to promote health conscious computer use. Being a proponent of healthy living and work environments, we continue to develop products that improve quality of life.
Since 2008, DXRacer has been an active sponsor of large-scale events around the world. Most recently, DXRacer became the exclusive seat for WCG.

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  1. All of these chairs degrade pretty fast so the seat matt is a good idea. They could easily just use the carbon fibre looking material for the seat area but that would make the chair last 3 times as long.. and that's not good for business 😀

  2. Hey, how are the wheels holding up? There's this "presumable" streamer chick that works part time at this computer store I go into and she says that the wheels are of terrible quality, which conflicts with yours and other people's reviews and no she doesn't weigh like a semi truck lmao.
    Would love to hear your opinion!

  3. i picked one up a few years ago. I live about 15 minutes from their Michigan showroom. Went there picked it out, paid with a credit card pulled around to the back and they helped me load it into the car. in all it was a great experience. the only down side is the showroom was in an industrial complex with NO signage or anything. just brown doors…. took a few laps of driving around before i found the right door.

  4. Hi-thanks for your video- I'm 6'3 slim athletic 190 pounds build- considering the KIng or Sentinel series- When seated in the upright position and you lean fully into the King series chair back to take advantage of the support for your back does the chair tilt back slightly or keep your body fully upright still (from your body it seems even though the chair's in the upright position, when you lean into the back it tilts back)? (I want to be able to have the full support of the chair back whilst on my computer/PC gaming- but to be able to comfortably reach the keyboard mouse etc on the desk that would be more challenging if the chair tilts slightly back from the fully upright position..most ideal would be to be able to tilt forward somewhat..can it tilt forward? Do the lumbar and head support pillows stay in position or slip/move all the time? How is it so many months later? Just seems impractical to tilt backwards only when used/designed for PC gaming where you need to be forward to reach your keyboard/mouse etc but if leaning forward away from the chair back you lose the chair back support…. Appreciate your feedback! Thank you

  5. I'm thinking of getting this for my 6'5" slim self, but I'm concerned because your 3" shorter and the head pillow doesn't sit well. Why'd you get this over, say, MaxNomic?

  6. Just a little FYI from a DXracer owner who had to deal with a reseller , and warranty issues its better to pay a little more and get it handled directly. I had to deal with Suzie and Echo from newegg who is a official DX Racer reseller for some sites . And they will straight up lie to you , feed you false information and try to get out of any warranty replacement. I was lucky enough to have dxracer take over my problem. I will say DXracer has helped me tremendously where as the reseller gave me the run a round . Is the chair worth the money ? I have seen better chairs at staples with lifetime limited warranty , lets face it if a single screw isn't covered then its limited .

    Dxracer replaced my chair and handled it professionally and to me that's worth the money I spent knowing a company stands behind their product enough to help out.

  7. Bought myself one from wide series, had to return it because it was a bit small and head cushion was annoying, got this one instead and love it. The seat could be a bit longer but otherwise, great.

  8. Great video man! I'm between getting this King and get the Wide Newedge version. I'm about 5'11 and a bit bigger so I'd need one or the other. $430 is not a bad price for this. Decisions, decisions.

  9. You paid that much for a chair and your just ok with the lumbar cushion coming messed up? Seems like a common problem with these chairs a very inconsistent product

  10. Do you feel like the seat part (where your butt goes) goes flat after months of using it? I've had many chairs that go flat within a week and it's a pain 🙁

  11. I'm looking to get a chair similar to this one in the King Series line up but my wife will also be using it as much as I will but she's  5ft 6 and 112pounds so I'm guessing it will be too big for her but I'm 6ft 4 and 240 pounds so I need the bigger chair. Ideally I should buy two chairs, a King and a Formula but we don't have the room in the office..So I figure I'm best to go with the King series and have the chair swallow my wife up rather than going with the smaller formula series and have my butt wedged between the armrests…I'm looking for a compromise but can't find one.,

  12. Great video.  I was wondering if theres a way to taker off the wheels after attached. I'm trying to disassemble the chair but I'm having trouble on the wheels

  13. LOL I'm way too short for the king series but I'm quite wide so I had to go for it. My head doesn't really reach the pillow but it's plenty comfortable without it 🙂 Wish I was taller, heh.

  14. I am SO confused. You dont even look fat! You look so normal,yet you need the king one. You told in the vid it was because of your height,but still,wouldnt the racing one work? (it can work for up to 1.90cm people)

  15. So I bought this chair OH/KB06/NB. I see yours has the 4D adjustable arm rest but the website says it comes with the 3D armrest. What's up with that fam


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