DXRacer King series vs Racing series comparison (thoughts and first impressions)

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Ive had a DXracer Racing series for about a year now but recently just got the King series for work. I had the hardest time deciding on if I wanted another racing series or if I wanted something a little bigger. The reason being it always seemed like the racing series was just a hair too small.

I hope this video helps you figure out if you are on the fence on what size or series of chair to get.

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The King series in the video –

The new version of the racing series in the video –

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  1. your position is not all natural at all, the chair is smaller and pushes your shoulders in an awkward position, those wings really screw up things

  2. I was between those two and this video helped me a lot! I'm 6'2 and I thought the height between both was way different. Will definitely stick with the Racing one.

  3. DXRacer is a garbage company selling garbage products.

    Literally a few days after my chair's warranty expired the gas cylinder failed (wouldn't hold the chair up AND leaked oil all over the floor). They told me they couldn't do anything for me. So, I bought a replacement cylinder directly from them and it failed TWO MONTHS later. I put in a ticket for replacement and they said they don't replace faulty parts. Brand new replacement parts provided by them carry no warranty. So, twice they had an opportunity to make it right AND make a customer for life and twice they told me they couldn't help me, give us more money.

    Avoid DXRacer. They don't stand behind their products and they don't care.

  4. Hello, thanks for the video, but I have a problem: I wanna buy a DXracer chair, but I'm not the only one, who will be using it. I'm 1,80m and 76kg, and the other person is 1,71m and 110kg… Is there ANYTHING that can work for both of us?))

  5. Thanks for this video

    Can you help me ?
    I,m 6.5 and 225lbs but ı can not to dicede what should ı take ?
    I like racing series shape and design,but I am not sure is that ok for my body.
    whats your advice ? Racing or King ?

  6. Being 6'4 and 205lbs would you suggest the king? or maybe should go for something like the tank series? The Tank adverstisement is that its for "tall and heavy users"

  7. I know this might be a late comment but I’m 5.75 ft and 150 And I don’t have to take the king because It would be very big for me right ?

  8. I'm about 5'7 and 110 pounds, I'm very used to have big chairs and I really like to have some extra space, but I'm afraid to buy the King series and it be too big, kinda also want to get it because my boyfriend is 6’2 and 230 pounds and I know he's gonna use the chair just as much as me, you think I should go for the Racing series or the King series? (sorry for bad english, not really my language)

  9. Pcgoblin
    Im 6.3 Tall and 173 lbs im a tall a thin from CHILE!! and in need your help… im tired of my old chair i and I want to rest my head on the chair! Which chair do you recommend? and how soft are the fillings of the chairs? Do they change a lot by model?
            Greetings from South America…

  10. i am about the same size as you except i weight little less (by the looks of your body type) sorry i try not to be mean or anythings but what i hate about my current chair is i can't really move the legs,, well i can but i don't have "the freedom" if you know what im talking about, so are you able to move around and have more freedom with your legs? i mean when you for example (which i am sometimes trying to do) cross my legs or one leg over the other…

    Hopefully you know what i am talking about and want to respond because i am looking for a new chair and i am kind of afraid the King will be a little bit too big for me.. and the racing might be bit too small .. i don't know :/

    either way though, nice video, keep up the great work!! 🙂

  11. I'm 185 lbs and had similar issues with the lower back pad feeling like it was pushing me off. There is a trick though. Slide the lower back pad mid way up. Sit down so that your butt is in the back of the chair and then adjust the pad to where you want it. This way you're fully seated back and the back pad will support your lumbar spine as well if you want to try it.

  12. I prefer the racing series. I'm a smaller guy. I'm not really tall I'm 165cm (TAKE THAT Americans) and the racing series is also cheaper (cause I'm spending hundreds of dollars for a chair) and I just want a gaming chair I don't really care about the size I will get the cheaper

  13. Can you please comment on the firmness of the seat? Are they the same or is the king more firm? I have a prostate issue and have trouble sitting on soft surfaces and I am finding the racing series a little too soft. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for this, I'm 6'3 with very wide shoulders ( I can't comfortably fit in most cars). I have such a hard time being comfortable – king here I come.

  15. I agree that this is the best video so far on the dxracer chair. Thank you so much for making this! I do need help though. I’m trying to get a dxracer chair for my partner as a gift. He is 5’9 and approx 200lbs. I’ve narrowed it down to the Racing (OH/RV131/NB or OH/RV001/NB and King (OH/KS06/NB) Series, partly because of their multifunctional features. What do you think? I know it’s been months since you made this video, so I hope this message finds you. Please please please help. Thank you!!!


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