E2 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay!

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Join the LIVE CLASS with Jay from E2Language! He will take you through the top 8… no, wait… the top 9 tips to scoring highly in IELTS Academic Writing

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The IELTS reading section (like all of the IELTS sections) requires a solid method, whether you are taking IELTS general or IELTS academic.

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  1. There are some complex Graphs etc in task #1 which requires more explaining & eventually it exceeds the word limit (190-220) how should I approach?

  2. You are such a great teacher. Thank you for teaching me for free.

    I have given my Ielts but I failed. I had only a 5.5 band score. And I am planning to give it again.
    If I will succeed I can even go to America to become a Nurse there.

    I dont ask you to wish me luck. But dicipline. Hard work. And to prioritise my time that I to focus and canalise my energy and time to the meaningful deeds what I need to do to acheive success regarding the passing of this exam.

  3. What if I missed today's live zoom lesson because of time zone and I did calculate the difference wrong 🙁
    Is there any chance to listen it on youtube?


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