Easy Digital Downloads Review – A Great Way To Sell Digital Products Online

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You can download the plugin for free here:
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Full tutorial here:

This is a review for the easy digital downloads plugin that allows you to easily sell digital downloads on your wordpress website. I feel this plugin is a better alternative than woocommerce to sell digital downloads on your website

I do have a full tutorial on this plugin right here

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  1. Hey mate I love your videos and love your style, but you can't say "Girls can't cook anymore!" – that is so sexist. LOL. It was funny, but wow, that will upset some people… Anyway dude – still love you – just wanted to tell you this so you don't shoot yourself in the foot 🙂

  2. At 06.41 you said "there are extensions to not redirect them to PayPal because lets face it no-one does that any more" and then you didn't elaborate on that. Is there a way to process the payment with PayPal without sending them to PayPal? Also recurring payments are only suitable for certain types of products, for example I wish to sell an individual document. Thanks in advance.

  3. Great video, but how about if you want to sell content as a digital product? Like if you want to sell an online course and you want people to pay before accessing the page.

  4. Just bought easydigitaldownloads , the core plugins is updated but a handful of plugins by edd have not been updated for years. Resulting in my security plugin to keep prompting me..doesn't look good if you are a business with a few partners being concerned with the security of the site.

  5. Darrel, great video, I have a question though, how do I get rid of the info in my side bar in my product page? I see your product page nice and clean, without any other distracing info… do you know, thanks!

  6. Hello Bro! Great video, but i am struggle with the main structure of the shop and the sad thing is that no one speak for that. I mean the categories. They are there but when you open the shop you see the product, not the categories. I want in the main shop page to have lets say 10 folders with logo images for example cooking, diy, car tips, ex.. and in each folder or category to have specific items tailored to this topic or brand.How this is done?

  7. Hi Darrel thanks for the tutorial. I just installed EDD. Can I ask.., what is the purpose of a Category? For instance, if I create a Category do I insert this into a Page or something? If I then do that, do I insert (somehow) Downloads into that Category or..? Many thanks for your help! Again, thanks for the video!


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