Ebooks with WordPress – WooCommerce Digital Products (Free Method!)

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In this video, you will learn to make a great looking ebook, with beautiful mock up designs so it looks like a real book! Then – I’ll show you how to market it with WooCommerce on your own WordPress site.

This method uses the WooCommerce downloadable products feature, to allow access to PDF eBooks that you can host on your WordPress site.

This is an awesome way to add value to your blog!

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  1. Thank you! If we use a pdf version, will people be able to edit and copy the content of the ebook? Would the buyer be able to “steal” the content of the ebook? Do you have tips on how to make a download secure? Thanks a bunch!!

  2. where do we find the link that would take them to the buy page?Also how do we link the purchase to our bank account or paypal business account

  3. Amazing bri,but where did you put your personal card info. I mean if some one wants to buy how we tell a payment the payment should go to a specific bank account

  4. Great tutorial Alex, I have a question, how do I make a single product page with buy now button WITHOUT having to add to cart or login. ? any help will be much appreciated.

  5. I'm having trouble.. When my customers pay, there's no download button to start the download. Please help. I added a download button to the Thank You page but when they click that it says page can be found. Please help if you can?

  6. Hello, I would like to sell a virtual product (in this case it is one specific page of the website where the client may read directly). How does a client automatically get access to that page after payment? Any solutions?


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