Effortless english DVD1 – Lesson 1 – Day of the dead

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  1. Does anyone know what word she speaks in the minute 3:12? not even by transcription I got the meaning, the word in the transcription is HORMY*

  2. Cho mình hỏi phần 1.03 nối âm vs nuốt âm kiểu j mà thầy AJ bỏ mất từ have v mk nghe dk mỗi those who passed away. Phần 1.08 k nghe dk rõ từ acknowledge k biết thầy nối vs nuốt từ đó vs từ they acknowledge death kiểu j nữ giải đáp giúp mik với ạ

  3. Mong các bạn hãy bấm nút đăng ký kênh của mình nhe, không cần lý do.
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  4. Hi everybody, now and in this moment I will start these lessons with A.J.hoge method, and I'll try to do my best to prove my language and then l'll tell you the final result that I have. See you after six months as he says, good luck for me and you all.


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