[Elsword] Code Sariel on Guardian's Forest 12-2 [2020 Gameplay]

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Eve [Code Sariel] on Guardian’s Forest

Clear time 3.31, because all INT server busy made DG result took long time.

BGM : twenty one pilots – Heathens (DISTO Remix) 👉

#arebyant #elsword #codesariel #2020

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  1. I know you've already answered this, but it's been a month and opinions might change within a month. Do you think this class is still worth maining in? I'm like debating between a Centurion and Code Sariel. Is Code Sariel's AOE better than Cent? I want to main in a character that has awesome and amazing AOE.

  2. What's your cp and stuff? Would you say sariel is worth maining? I started with sariel since she has my favorite design but lately I can seem to match my friends that I'm playing with I feel like her cast times are too slow with the aoe too small and not going past corners any tips for me I'm pretty new only at 200k cp

    Thanks in advance if you see this


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