Emmet HTML Snippets in Visual Studio Code

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Emmet snippets make writing HTML much easier! In this video, we are going to take a look at writing Emmet HTML Snippets in VS Code. These snippets allow us to generate HTML code much quicker and easier than writing them out ourselves. This can greatly increase your speed in development.

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  1. Man, in Sublime text I can make a snippet of a whole <html></html> code just in one operation, you must know that.
    It is possible to make it in the same easy way in Visual Studio Code? Im working with this app because my teacher recommend it.
    Thank you

  2. This is so good. I just stared taking udemy lessons for frontend dev and they don't teach these things in the beginning. Maybe they will later on. I'm taking a break to do some practice and this helps a lot. I'm not a newbie to coding as I did CS in college so knowing these things helps me speed up the learning process.

  3. Last year I've started teaching PHP to our students and because VSCode is our preferred editor, I always point my students to you video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks I finally got the emmet to work, the HTML was at the bottom of the vs page, when I climbed it, it gave me a scroll with a list of programs including HTML

  5. My emmet stop working, I typed doc and hit tab and it does not function any longer, can you tell me what the problem is. I keep closing VS Code and open it back but nothing changes

  6. Hi, James. I hope you find the time to give my question a look:

    In VSCode I can't the the following to work:


    Using the above HTML in Brackets I get what I want:

    <a href="#0">Home</a>

    But in VSCode, a[#0]{Home} isn't recognized.

    I'm hoping maybe you've run into this issue, and can perhaps point me to the directory in which VSCode keeps the code, so I can take a look at what's set up as default, and maybe edit it.


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