Enpass Password Manager Review

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Update: Enpass has changed its pricing. An annual subscription now costs $11.99 and a lifetime subscription costs $49.99.

#Enpass is a password manager under Sinew Software Systems, a company based in India. At first, Sinew used Enpass as their own internal software manager before launching it to the world in 2011.

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Now, they have over a million users all over the world, and I just became the million and first. Everyone knows I’m all about privacy on the web, which is why I’m glad that #Enpass is based in India. That’s because India is a non-member to the international surveillance alliances Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes, meaning that the company can never be legally forced to hand over your data. As you’ll be keeping all your passwords, payment information, and anything else you’d like to keep safe in your Enpass vault, that’s pretty important. Sinew also doesn’t keep any of your device or location information, so overall, it’s a great choice for the privacy-minded.

I’ll also be looking at Enpass in terms of its features, subscription options, customer support, and app.

Gabe Turner is Security Baron’s Director of Content.

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  2. I originally got Enpass when it came out for the old Windows Phone platform as it was pretty much the only decent option. I luckily got the app for free during a limited time promotion. I was upgraded to a Pro account for free for being an early adopter and I can get the app on any platform without paying at all. Really amazing for having passwords offline and you can sync with a cloud provider of your choice.

  3. To clear up something, enpass can't hand over your data if they don't store it. Hence, your passwords are fine since they are synced to places they simply don't control.

  4. Where do one get the USD 11.99 deals? When I download Enpass to my Android device it is EUR 59.99(!) and not just USD 11.99. For USD 11.99 you only get 6 months and have to extend the subscription every 6 months.

    I believe you misunderstood the plans – see

  5. @Security Baron  I have to manually feed data into it on 1st time, right? what If I have change password in any insurances?

  6. 4:10 You don't need to buy it on your Mac! You can store unlimited passwords on both Windows and Mac for desktop and it's FREE on Linux! Payment on those platforms are only for premium features stated in the website.

  7. Geezes. So i pay $12 to use on my LGv20. Buy a Note 10 2 months later and pay another $12. 6 months later Note 10 has camera issues so i get a replacement Note 10 another $12? Think i might go with Bitwarden


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