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How to FINALLY organize your Google Chrome bookmarks bar 🔖

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Learn a few simple tricks that will help you use your Google Chrome bookmarks more efficiently.

0:24: how to add bookmarks to your Google Chrome bookmark bar
0:48: how to de-clutter your bookmarks bar with an “icon-only” display
1:15: how to remove bookmarks
1:27: how to create folders on your bookmarks bar
2:37: how to edit your bookmarks
2:45: how to access the Bookmark Manager
3:07: how to sync your bookmarks to your Chrome profile to access on any device

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  1. I have an odd problem not covered in this video. My bookmarks used to drop down in a menu when I clicked on "bookmarks". Now when I click on the icon in the menu bar, it opens a new window and I think (?) it is a reading list. I have no idea how this happened but I would like to have the menu back. How can I do this? I will say that I am left handed and sometimes when I pick up my mouse some buttons on the side get clicked when I don't intend to. It is irritating as heck.

  2. ⬇ IN THIS VIDEO ⬇

    0:24 – how to add bookmarks to your Google Chrome bookmark bar

    0:48 – how to de-clutter your bookmarks bar with an "icon-only" display

    1:15 – how to remove bookmarks

    1:27 – how to create folders on your bookmarks bar

    2:37 – how to edit your bookmarks

    2:45 – how to access the Bookmark Manager

    3:07 – how to sync your bookmarks to your Chrome profile to access on any device

  3. OK. You seem an excellent teacher. I need to understand the bookmarks hierarchy. How does it work? How do I edit and re-arrange where in the hierarchy things go? My Bookmarks are a total mess. Multiple duplicates. Unfoldered collections of hundreds of unorganized bookmarks. I would like to put ALL old bookmarks in a Misc. folder and start doing this right from now on. How to do this easily? It looks like I have to edit every single bookmark separately. Any ideas?

  4. Thanks what about on IPhone how do i move folders to the main page? My bookmark folder is in other folders like eg Shopping and in that folder I have Food receips.

  5. "My Tips for Making Your Life Easier with Good Bookmark Management"

    1) Name one folder"[High Priority]"

    Place anything important in there. Things that you need to deal with go in here. Every so often, I review the contents of this folder.

    2) Name one folder "[Low Priority]"

    This is for anything that there is no deadline for. Things like new project ideas go in here, as does anything from High Priority folder that I am awaiting a response on from someone else.

    3) Name one folder "[Archives]".

    This is an optional folder. You can use the in-built "Other bookmarks" folder in Chrome. This is for logging general sites. I tend to have a folder in here that I bookmark EVERY visited page in. That way I know what I have read before, even if I clear my browser cache I know that if I type in the Chrome URL bar, that it will give me some auto-suggestions from my bookmarks. This folder guarantees that if I suddenly remember having read something previously, I have a much better chance of finding it again even when I have deleted my History or am on another device – provided I am synchronising my bookmarks between browsers (whilst being logged in of course).

    4) Name your folders

    Despite this video being correct, I find that I need named folders since when I am working with a lot of bookmarks I can end up overwhelmed with multiple identical icons or icons that are hard to differentiate. When you get to a number of bookmarks, say over 100, I advise using their names including their ancestry.

    5) Use breadcrumbs for folder names

    When you add sub-folders, use the naming convention that includes the parent folder name as well. So if you have a sub-folder inside High Priority called Banking, then name the folder "[High Priority > Banking]". If you have a folder within that called "Invoices" then name that folder [High Priority > Banking > Invoices]". This will prove useful when you are adding a bookmark to a folder in case you have folders with the same names at different locations.

    6) Actively manage bookmarks

    Clean your bookmarks regularly. Move older bookmarks from "High Priority" into "Low Priority" or "Archives" regularly is important to allow you to remain focused on your priorities. If you are in a job that requires you to use the Web a lot (such as I am since I work as a Web Developer) then this is crucial to help you maintain work velocity and productivity.

    7) Use a TODO list

    Create a folder "[High Priority > ToDo]". You create a series of bookmarks here to create a simply To-Do task list. Delete the bookmarks or move to another folder as you complete them.

    8) Export bookmarks

    Don't rely purely on your browser for your bookmarks. If you are serious about bookmarks, migrate them to another document. Good options include:

    * a word processor – Windows: MS Office's Word, LibreOffice's Writer, FocusWriter, WPS Office Free Writer, FocusWriter, Writemonkey, etc. – iOS: iWork suite's Pages, MS Office's Word, etc. – Web based: Google Docs (, Microsoft Office online (, Zoho Writer ( ,,,, and many more can be found using Google

    * a note-taking application – Microsoft OneNote – Evernote – Web based variations including,,

    * a text editor with hyperlink support (Metapad, Notepad++, Visual Studio Code and some other support hyperlinks by default. Others like Sublime Text 3 can support hyperlinks through "packages" or extensions)

  6. Hello Teacher Lady. Thanks for your short Video-and the great quick ideas to get things better organized. How about a further Tutorial on how to organize your bookmarks by Chrome sign name. I made this work pretty well about 5 years ago but now it has again become a disaster. I routinely run chrome with hundreds of tabs open, find a good link I want to save, and don't have room left on my chrome bar. Any ideas?

  7. Thank you for sharing your time and your knowledge. I hope that you can help me. On the bookmark bar, there is a wide space between three of my folders and a folder titled, other bookmarks. I was wondering if there was a function to bring all the folders together? Since your screen had the same issue, I am now wondering if it is a design element in Chrome? I hope that I was clear in my question. I also hope that you can help me. Thank you and peace.

  8. Hi! As a fellow teacher, tabs have become my worst enemy. Thank you so much for the helpful video!

    One question: How do I add the same link to multiple bookmark folders? When I try to add the same bookmark to more than one folder, it just moves that bookmark instead of allowing me to add it to each of my class folders on the bookmark bar. I appreciate your help!

  9. How do you keep the bookmark from duplicating? It seriously duplicates faster than I can delete them. I have many folders and sites inside each folder, but I often have 3-6 folders duplicate itself. The Bookmark bar keeps adding sites hourly. No matter where or how I delete them, they come back. I am looking for another bookmark system even if I have to pay for it. HELP!

  10. Great little tutorial video. Also works with the newer (and better) Brave browser since it's built off the Chrome architecture. Love the little icon trick 🙂 Thank you.

  11. Hi,
    Very nice to see a video for the #ChromeBookmarkBar, please find my tips below:
    Better ways to
    1 – bookmark current tab = drag it from the lock icon to bookmarks bar.
    2 – create a folder = right-click bookmarks bar and select a new folder.
    3 – to move all bookmarks from one profile to another = copy from bookmarks manager and paste it to the other profiles manager.
    1 – use icons only, for the most used websites to save more space = right-click the bookmark and edit the name to blank.
    2 – play with themes you like, so that icons come more visible = themes @ App section
    3 – Do not exceed the bookmark full space, so that you can see the end = drag bookmarks to folders, organize within the bar, and not going to bookmarks-manager.


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