1. Excellent Tutorial.

    I was looking for a video to set up the email server on Cyberpanel.

    One question. If I host multiple websites, can I use the same mail server for the rest of the domains? E.g., Site1.xyz is the main mail server, can I use it for e.g. site2.xyz, site4.tz etc.

    How it will work?

  2. Tony – Thanks for another solid tutorial , i may be mistaken but I thought it isn’t recommended to host your own email dt deliverability, spam filters and overall high maintenance and complications that come with doing so. Is there something im missing? If u do recommend self hosting email, what would be ur recommend use cases if any?

  3. Too bad that the entire LTD (.xyz) is now marked as spam…
    – A.K.A. Nothing you can do to "fix" spamminess of your mails

  4. i have already hosted my site on digital ocean and setup domain name also and the site is already live and working fine…now i need email server to setup…now i installed cyberpanel on my server i see cybernal page when i type my domain name on browser…can i proceed with it or do i have to unstall cyberpanel ,,,in that case how should i do that??????

  5. I have a question. And that is, i already have a site hosted on a vps and at domain registrar, i have added name servers of that VPS. So, can i add other name servers with those that are already there?

  6. You did not say how to access ssh though, I used putty and it told me access denied, isn't there any other windows user having this issue? Could not even go forward after like 5 mins of the video because of this can't login to cyper panel

  7. Hey Tony, love this video and I like how easy this is to setup compared to another one from someone that this exact thing last year. I have few quick questions – once you have this setup and paid for… can you use any mail client software to send emails and is it easy to setup? For example – outlook – profitmailrr – etc? Next, I suppose there is a site that can warm up this email server to realize the content being sent isn't going to people spam box – after sending like 25 per day and increasing it… is there a tool to verify this or not? Thanks! 🙂

  8. Dude … Very great explanation! My DKIN presented a problem in all the versions I tested, but I got a solution given by lowenruh in the CyberPanel forum. Just upgrade:
    "sh <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/stable/preUpgrade.sh || wget -O – https://raw.githubusercontent.com/usmannasir/cyberpanel/stable/preUpgrade.sh) ".

  9. Hey Tony, this is the best ever tutorial i was waiting for this!. Can you help with query ? :

    If we host multiple website on the same cyberpanel the ip remains the same, this tutorial hands down is good for 1 website what if we have multiple website can we point domain for emails to same ip address for site1 and site2 ?

    website 1 IP :
    website 2 IP:
    Now we need email for website 1 and website 2

    If we cannot point to same ip address for email how to add multiple ip to same cyberpanel or 1 vps ?

  10. Hi. Thanks so much for this tutorial.
    I set everything up and passed all the tests but when I send a test email, I don't receive it. I have used several email clients. I have set it up several times as well with different IP addresses but nothing.

  11. Beautiful Video here, Well appreciated, But I Have a Question?.
    1) Can I Send Unlimited Transactional Email with this Your Setup Configuration??
    2) Is It Possible to Use this as an SMTP Email Relay Server to Send Unlimited Emails with Third Party Email Programs Like, Sandblaster, AB Bulk Mailer, Atomic Mail Sender Etc…????

  12. Hey Tony, so I am wanting to use this setup but instead of using my servers DNS I was wanting to use the cloudflare sync option. I am able to receive emails but I cannot send emails. Any ideas on what I could be missing. All my aA, mx and txt records look good to me. Thanks for the amazing videos!


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