How to Master Email Marketing in 2021 (Guide)

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Master email marketing with help of this Guide to
Email Marketing:

Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with your audience. 80% of business professionals believe that having solid email marketing increases customer retention. Watch and learn these email marketing tips to take your business to the next level.

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0:00 Intro
0:48 How to master email marketing
1:05 How to build an email list
2:37 How to maintain an email list
3:33 What is email segmentation
4:22 Send valuable emails
6:48 Tip #1
6:68 Tip #2
7:04 Tip #3
7:14 Spam trigger words
7:29 Run a spam test

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  1. Brands CAN buy email lists by partnering with or sponsoring other brands. If the partnership is mutually beneficial and the product, promo or content resonates with both audiences that is the best way to access a list that's not their own. In the sports world those sponsorships are "rented". And it's true. Open rates may be lower than normal, but cross pollinating fans and subscribers to like products can help build both brands and create product awareness. Conversely, if you are the brand offering your list, sometimes it can be a revenue center. Look at influencers who sell their followers to brands for product and brand awareness.

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  3. Useful video, can I do my email marketing using Hubspot? I use the free version now but would like to upgrade to allow me to add email marketing to our digital marketing arsenal.

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