iPhone 6s: How To Enable Touch Screen Home Button on iPhone (Assistive Touch)

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The Apple iPhone 6S’s sleek aluminum body and cutting edge components make it an outstanding smartphone that you will indeed love to possess. The mobile …

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  1. My phone volume isnt working sir even if I turn the bell on the volume buttons wont work i mean they do work but the ringtone thingy is the only one that shows up but without the small bars underneath it every time I press the volume buttons on the left it only shows the ringtone my phone is muted still this started in the morning i was just playing with the switch thingy on the sides…
    (IPHONE 6s) the black one

  2. A very helpful video. If I might make a suggestion: it would be helpful to add closed captioning to your videos so people who have difficulty understanding your accent can follow along more easily.


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