1. I come from the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from 32 and 64 bit integers memory addresses computer architecture world , and I stand corrected if I'm wrong — Data structure containing WORD is of equivalent size with that of 16 bits/2 bytes, DWORD (32 bits/4 bytes). In this video, it's shown Half Word= 2 bytes = 16 bits and Word= 4 bytes=32 bits. Any input or suggestion is appreciated ?

  2. 1 word = 8/16/32/64/… bits depending on memory word size.
    But here you have mentioned that
    1 word = 32bits
    Is it applicable only for 32 bit machine?

  3. Please solve this questions
    1- What is the computer system components?

    2- Please give a few examples of Application programs, Hardware Computer System


    3- Are following attributes true for I/O Structure?

    A. Each device controller has a controller.

    B. Each local buffer is in charge of a particular device type.

    C. CPU moves data from/to main memory to/from local buffers

    D. Each device controller is in charge of a particular device type

    4- What is default unit of computer storage size that contain one of two values, 0 and


    A. One bit

    B. One word

    C. One byte

    D. Gigabyte

    5- What does the Caching exactly do?

    6- List the Advantages of Multiprocessors systems?

    7- What is Bootstrap program designed for?

    A. bootstrap program is loaded at ROM or reboot

    B. Initializes all firmwareof system

    C. Loads operating system kernel and starts execution

    8- What is the responsibility of Secondary storage, Symmetric Multiprocessing,

    Asymmetric clustering, Timesharing?

    9- Please give the parallel systems types for Computer-System Architecture?

    10- What does the cluster system exactly do?

    11- What is Operating System Definition?

    12- What are the (CPU scheduling, swapping, Virtual memory, job scheduling) are

    used for?

    13- What is the kernel?

    14- How a Modern Computer Works draw and explain?

  4. Really liked this one. I try using LEGO to explain Bits and Bytes, let me know what you think. I do like your "white-boarding"method of explaining.


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