(Outdated) [Elsword] Innocent Skill Cast Speed Test – Affected or unaffected by Action Speed?

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* Update: After the October 8th KR Patch/November 4th 2020 NA Patch, Eschaton and Rain of Chaos are finally affected by Action Speed.

It all started when I was talking about KR server’s balance forum with some of my friends. When I said that some players in KR want KoG to make all Innocent’s Combination Skill be affected by Action Speed, one of my friend then said “Weren’t all skills are already affected by Action Speed? Why asking for that?”. I told him that’s not true, yet he still doesn’t accept that, and it led to a long argument.

Although some other players that know confirmed it, I still want to check is there any other skill that is also affected by Action Speed, since that guy was so confident in his answer, and it led to the making of this video.

Took me half an hour to record the skill castings, and another few days to complete the edittings. Had to check up to single frames to make it as accurate as possible. Perhaps it’s not worth the effort, but at least I am truly confirmed now.

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  1. Nice video, I still don't understand after long years why IN has 30% action speed and the skills are not affected by it… well, someday IN will be great again… maybe…


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