1. The default scope of an if/else statement is upto the first statement that follows it. Hence {} are only required when you need to execute a block of code. This is also true for if/elseif/if, for, while..(thats all i can remember now!)

    Hope this helps! 😉

  2. @MrChrisfranko
    Nope, it's wrong. Seriously you made syntax errors.
    Looks to me like –
    if ($YouFailToBeCocky == TRUE)
    $GetTheFuckOfYouTube = "yes";

  3. @n0t1337
    These were like the first videos he ever made, and I think he had some problems in his life or something too, because on the first videos he had a recent google search "helping hand cancer" and "cancer information and support".
    He said it in a live show that when he started making videos, he wasn't that good and after everybody's advice, he became better. He also said everyone's first videos are bad, but we get better, he is a completely different person now & he has 170,000 subs.

  4. You're a bit of a douche, I mean sort of helpful, but not helpful enough for me to endure your constant, irritating (albeit rather half-assed) insults.

  5. Having experience with C++ and Python, I like how I can whip through these tutorials quickly while still learning the material. Their really good tuts too 🙂

  6. "can use as many other choices with else if".. so is it supposed to be limited with 3 else if statements? because notepad ++ doesn't allow it.. and neither does my browser..
    if I make a 4th "else if" then the "else" statement doesn't get highlighted..
    I use WAMP, other then that the TUT is awesome.


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