Shoujo Ramune Visual Novel/Eroge Download

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reupload of my previous shoujo ramune vn install video (from the previous channel) with more aka-sans. I couldn’t fin the original project, so you could see double aka-sans in the video, which is pretty much better

1. Go to Loliclubscorp (dot) com
2. Find the page and Download the file
3. Download the .iso file (if downloaded as .rar, use 7zip to unpack)
4. Go to Region and Language in Settings and change region to Japan
5. Download a japanese emulator (
6. Open/Mount iso file
7. right click the launcher application and select “Locale Emulator” to run in Admin (only)
8. lock your doors
9. Plug in your headphones
10. Have fun

Depending on where you live, this game might be illegal to run,
so I would recommend checking state laws before doing anything risky like this.

I do not condone any of the actions in this gaem, this video is meant purely for humor and satire
and should only be used that way.

This video has been age restricted since before uploading and will stay that way.

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