The 10 Best Email Hosting Options

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What are the best, cheap email hosting options for small business and professionals? That’s what we will review in this video. 🔔 Subscribe:

Email hosting is a secure, professional option for those looking to step up their email for their online business or small business. With a dedicated email hosting option, you various collaboration tools, security and an ad free experience.

Private email hosting is low cost and an excellent solution for an improved communication between your team, freelancers, affiliates and contractors.

So what are some cheap email hosting providers I really like? There are numerous options but these are my favorite.

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► GSuite – My referral link as I use GSuite:


Introduction 00:00
Gsuite – 1:52
Zoho – 4:04
Rackspace – 5:19
Namecheap – 6:26
Dynadot – 8:16
Amazon Workmail – 9:25
Godaddy – 10:24
Ice Warp – 12:40
Microsoft Exchange – 14:00
Hostinger – 16:00
Conclusion 17:26


►Create a Professional Email without Paying for GSuite:

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  1. …basically, if I got a dollar each time David said "basically" – I basically would have become basically the richest person on this basic planet…

  2. I understand by using Aliases mails can forwarded to 1 mailbox. Then, do I really need 3,4 mailboxes? I can just have different aliases forwarded to 1 mailbox considering the limited amount of email exchange I have for now. Am I thinking correct? please let me know , love your videos thank you!

  3. One more thing, Zoho offer free custom mail for 5 users! this may be a grateful for small business, I don't mean trial I mean free plan. David I hope you can check that and mention it in your video description.

  4. I use Zoho for the CRM. It works very well most of the time. However, the technical support leaves a lot to be desired. The are available on chat but on numerous occasions they have been unable to fix the issue so they offer to research and email the answer back later, never to be heard form again. It would be really convenient to use them but there is no way I would trust my email to them.

  5. Go Daddy's outlook is not the real deal, it doesn't have a ribbon and other functions. I have two clients with it and I just want to scream.


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