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Elsword Origin is Available Here:
(play at your own risk, and remember what happened to Void)
Content Featured From:
Kirby Blader (0:47, 1:30)

Ast (2:16)

Godstroke Gaming (5:51, 6:06, 7:37)

Music Featured:
0:00, Diago 45 Degree Tango (from Bleach)

1:24, Never Meant to Belong cover by BenChanViolin

3:23, Elsword OST 021, ‘Forest Remnants’

5:25, Elsword OST 096, ‘Waterlogged Tomb’

7:46, Elsword OST 091, ‘Clockwork Waterway’

11:50, Elsword OST 053, ‘Mechanical Graveyard’

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  1. When you mention about the super armor and how others combos got more faster/crispier in modern elsword it makes me think of how viable or usable aisha became compared to how stiff she was in s1-2 especially with all the super armor skills that can make her unflinchable if you time them correctly heck i even manage to make combos with her (as OZ) and when you actually utilize the tools or skills that reduce kd you can actually not drop people especially in the corner. But yeah i agree that they shouldnt have reduced the number of fields nor should they have nerfed the item mall items either. Though unfortunately 90% of aisha mains/users like other mains dont like utilize the tools available to them.

  2. Nice video mane, I like the idea of going back to 2014 with the game but I strongly disagree with some of the devs decisions and balancing that's why I didn't join Origin (+ college takes much of my time)
    There is going to be another old school pserver in the future which will be much better. Hope to find u in spar then 🙂

  3. I just want to imagine that when we die we can access all of the feelings we have for memories such as these. I will never forget all the passion, tears, and joy, I put into this game when I was 15, and at the time I had been playing for like 4 years, so it's been around 12-13years now since I atarted with this game.

    It simply is pure love, what I feel for those days, no trace of the hatred I went through and the amount of hours spent in a virtual world that distracted me from my daily shit life.

  4. bro is there somewhere a version of elsword when u could be max lvl 50, chung was the newest character and the health and mana bar was still straight and not leaning to the side
    that was the best time ever in elsword

  5. Thing is when a game gets dead and boring people either stay because they spent too much money and act like they still enjoy it or they only do pvp (which is the most common reason for staying since there is nothing better to do)

  6. If the movement feels different on the origin server/older Elsword, it's because it was based on Grand Chase movement. Elsword will never have as good movement as GC. Die hard, OG GC fans will remember.

  7. Now you do PvE alone,
    PvP are unplayable because there are no people, so fucking sad. I stop to play Elsword 2 yers ago, but i'm going to play again, I know that is not like the old days of many years ago, but I miss Elsword so much. This video make me feel sad.

  8. dude i found this video just by case, and i saw your nick, i dk if you remember me, but im a VC, Cryd, and i just wanna say, raven's sweep is garbage nowdays elsword, just by thinking of it, hits an urge to burn down the whole KoG, just saying, it gives a deep sadness when i enter the game, and is about 1m/h sweep.

  9. Ngl i miss old Elsword too. Back when the game actually took skill, everyone helped out in dungeons, people actually sat in villages and talked to one another, and people cared more about having the best armor than overpriced flashy costume sets. Also, the fields and field bosses were cool. I remember players spawning into the field just to chill out and kill monsters and bosses for the drops and EXP. Now that Elsword has that Relax/Spa EXP feature, Fields are sort of useless now.

  10. Back in MY day, we had none of these fancy characters with fancy skills and high level.
    We had 3 characters, with 2 job paths each, up to the 2nd job change.
    Story ended after Altera Core.
    No fields, only dungeon zones after each town.
    And we had to farm 300 dingelings from Raven for our 2nd job quest part 2.

    Man, fuck the old game, it´s way better now.
    I don´t need to play a whole day uninterrupted for leveling up 1 time anymore.

  11. i mean, who will stay in NA with people that can easily 1 shot you just because they pve or most of the time, spend irl money? its like playing tekken with gear/pay-to-win. it doesn't make sense.

  12. I played this game from 2013-2017 and the first two years in elsword was really fun.. I got really close with my guild mates and we grinded for reaper title since it was the strongest title at that time

  13. My days in elsword

    2013 – Back from when pvp took skills, and x drops intensifies. Started as BM and fanboying to Kleisis
    Then here comes 3rd path classes with braindead combo (especially veteran commander's x button mashing simulator)
    Then here comes Add 1 shotting the old characters
    Server became overloaded with accelerator hype, to the point pvp with neighbors got yellow-red bar signal
    Moar new characters, moar pvp braindead
    Elysion came and p2w gear is a must, even PVE slowly becomes a nightmare for f2p casuals (need +11 or above to solo a dungeon)
    i quit around 2017-2018 and just reading the lores

  14. Interesting. I actually played the most Elsowrd back from the beta to late 2014 I wanna say? I always played it casually though, so I never got too far nor did I ever learn the intricacies nor the meta of the PVP. I think the farthest I got in my casual play was A rank? Right when Veteran Commander came out lol.

    I was sad when I found out the PVE was gutted to let people level up as fast as possible. Yeah I did PVP a bit but most of my memories are with the PVE of the game, so hearing about this server sounds interesting. I only wish it were from before they added in those "in-between fields", y'know how back in the day there were only towns, none of these ilttle mindless enemy filled hallways leading to the various towns.

  15. Back when LK took skill and combos felt good to do. The PvP rework made me feel like I was playing a whole new character. Can't wait to try it

  16. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but my client doesn’t boot up at all when I try to start it, does anyone have any ways of solving this issue?

  17. Shitt the old fields memory hits hard, and donjons' parts like the different paths of the Underground Chapel and the fields according to that region were just so cool , you had to play hours to get ur 2nd caracter ascension quest and it was a good part of the system et when u got that "Jump up event" which allowed you to max 1 caracter per account to the max lvl you felt good, now when u up a caracter it takes around 4 hours to reach 90 without any exp boost ( which arent rare neither now) ( sry i dont play an english version of the game so the words i use to names areas might not be the right ones for u)


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