The Story Behind French President-elect Emmanuel Macron And Brigitte Trogneux's 10 Year Marriage

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She was President Emmanuel Macron’s high school teacher.

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  1. I'm very surprised today I don't really understand this relationship ,how he doesn't married with her first daughter instead this 67 years old lady

  2. If she were a man and he a woman this wouldn’t even be a thing. Happy for them! Also the age difference between them is the same as Trump and Melania who’s father is younger than her husband.

  3. I mean… I do think Macron is handsome, but what the actual hell? Not only is she 24 years older, but she was also her teacher? That's just weird.

  4. Macron ne sait pas faire la différence entre une copine et une tante. (Votre femme est assez grande pour être votre mère)
    alors comment peut-il parler du sy de notre pays qui n’est pas planté en Amazonie?

  5. He must be cheating on her
    There's no way you could convince me otherwise
    Especially as he's president, all the power and the money and most importantly all the cute "fresh; not so old" French chicks

  6. If it's a man who does it, it's called being a player so screw haters. Hugh Hefner married a 20 something old. Trump is 24 years older than his wife. We r living in different times so accept it and move on


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