1. DXRacer is a garbage company selling garbage products.

    Literally a few days after my chair's warranty expired the gas cylinder failed (wouldn't hold the chair up AND leaked oil all over the floor). They told me they couldn't do anything for me. So, I bought a replacement cylinder directly from them and it failed TWO MONTHS later. I put in a ticket for replacement and they said they don't replace faulty parts. Brand new replacement parts provided by them carry no warranty. So, twice they had an opportunity to make it right AND make a customer for life and twice they told me they couldn't help me, give us more money.

    Avoid DXRacer. They don't stand behind their products and they don't care.

  2. i have a question : ,
    Do you feel the screws underneath when you sit for a long period like after 2-3 hours?
    I had a ThunderX3 TGC22 Gaming Chair and I felt after 1 houre.
    Don't want make the same mistake again.

  3. For the first week and half I was not happy with F series chair because it was stiff. Spent around $350. but then my body got so used to it. I love this chair a lot. My back doesn't hurt from long sits. I love the neck pillow and lumber support. I use the lumber support whenever i recline the chair really low. It really is a great chair. Before purchasing a dxracer formula I searched everywhere for a chair. Office Max, Staples, Frys. I eventually bought 1 from staples but had a broken screw. Returned it and took a leap of faith and ordered the Formula series.

    I'm not sure if the chair is should be high priced but the build quality is just top notch. I ordered the most expensive Fseries because I wanted the PU covers, and leather. I wanted loss stitching. I'm satisfied with it so far. The thing I would wish it had for such an expensive chair, is high quality arm rests. These things feel like they belong on a 50 dollar chair. But you can get cushions for them on Amazon (1 of my friends did that).

  4. Two questions.
    1: did you buy the chair or was it given to you for review?
    Edit: I wrote to fast, this was just another advertizing video for that chair 🙁

    2: The back look so flat compared to your old 'ergonomical' chair, do the DxRacer still feel good after all this time?

  5. What I cant find Is the difference between the different F series. For exemple, There are OH/FL08 ones and I see in the F series section on DX Racer website there is OH/FD99 one. Its on sale too right now I'm wondering which is latest one, which is better and why 2 different in same series?

  6. Imma drop my 2 cents here, I think DxRacer is not a great chair, at least not for the price. I do believe, though, that there will be a nice documentary about them and how they managed to climb the top with overpriced products. Now – I do believe it's comfortable. It does seem comfortable, and people seem to dig the looks (personally, I think racing seats belong in racing cars, but tastes are different). However, if you go a bit online, you will see just how many problems this chair has, and how expensive it is compared so some less known but still good chairs.

    The thing is, DxRacer sent free chairs to everyone on internet and their mothers. Every streamer has a DxRacer, so when someone is looking at gaming chair, the first thing he sees is a DxRacer. Which costs more than it should, but it's still a DxRacer, it's trendy. Literally, 10 for business model, but it's just not that good as people make it to be.

    And Matt, big fan of yours here, but you don't feel Aeron is less comfortable than DxRacer, just look the comment, accept it in silence, and than ignore it 😀 And, well, since you follow classy style, much like I do, you probably believe racing seats belong in racing cars as well.


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