Video 7- eOffice- How to create Files, Notesheet? Other Important Scenarios related to File- Hindi

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eOffice – How to create Files, Notesheet? Other Important Scenarios related to File – Hindi Series.

Under e-Office @NIC Project, it is explained that how to create Notesheet, what is green note and yellow note, how to attach any file or receipt to a note, Non-SFS Meaning and other options. Step by Step guidance and discussion which will clear the doubts in mind of yours and will make you very confident on all the options under File Creation and on other features.
Some important part which has not been covered in this video as recorder allows to record around only 15 minutes so that will be covered in next video 8.

Please send me feedback, mistakes observed, or any other suggestions which will be taken care of in next video. Kindly understand that this is a effort to help others. I will not be responsible in any way, if some mistakes are hampering any of your work in any way. You may not follow the video. It is completely unofficial video.

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