Void Elsword is Gone – What Now?

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  1. Hi Void community. Please do not dislike bomb my video. It won't bring your server back. Thank you. ❤
    PS: If you want to play MapleStory2 with us, leave a comment and I will be your guiding light uwu

  2. At first I didnt understand the didslike bombing but "Personally im glad its gone" when the server doesn't affect you official server players..yeah no wonder they don't like you. Can't figure out why I'm subscribed, nor why this video is being reccommended to me this late.

  3. I moved to na
    I played like 3 days and i stopped
    Yes lv up is easy now but i find it really unenjoyable?
    I don't wanna play months or play daily 1-3 hours for weeks just to get a weak costume
    There is a lot of grinding needed on na and most of us don't have the time for it
    That server is now mostly p2w
    If you wanna actually get strong you'd have to put a lot of time into the game and it'll quickly burn you out

  4. As of right now there is a new Void Elsword Server but its in a Closed Beta Phase. Don't know if it will hold the status like its predecessor or not

  5. i remember i played void, in 1 day had my character level 99, and then i was like…welp….now what, i mean i could upgrade all my equip and that it wouldnt take a lot of effort…but whats the fun of getting all u want without effort xD (btw im really late, but i didnt really care at the moment about the server poofing, and i just randomly found this video xD)

  6. A bit late, but: I put all the blame on Gameforge.
    Years before the game was good, but the game changed continuously:

    They storyline starts hard compressed, equipment you can farm in the beginning is worthless, it seems almost impossible to get to the endgame until you pay money, the balance between pay to win and time spending for progress is broken.
    That's the reason I changed the server (also I got few times banned for reasons I really wanna know). In VoidEls the gap was almost closed,.
    But I still say the VoidEls I left is **** compared to older versions of Elsword (*2007 – †2013).

  7. "eyes are on code closers now," I sure hope code closers gets shutdown next, Naddic the developer of Closers and Enmasse the NA publisher for it are much better then KOG games in my opinion. private servers choke the life out the official mmo servers that are trying to survive. great job on the review, I am surprised there are so many dislikes but all your information was accurate. some players just can't handle the truth I guess.

    that said I have a very low opinion of KOG games, I left for a year due to family issues and was permanently banned. the account that was banned had around a level 30 character and I had put at least $50 dollars into the game. messaged them twice to ask them to lift the ban and they didn't even have the courtesy to let a bot message me. to make my bad experience with them even more hilarious they won't even let me review Elsword on steam saying "Our system has detected higher than normal review activity from your account in the past few days and has automatically rate-limited your ability to write or modify a review. Please try again at a later time," which is a complete lie since I have not reviewed or commented anything on the official Elsword website for years and I can review any other steam game I have. but even I have not gone to the private server cause it is simply illegal and risky since you never know how long private server will last.

  8. I personally played both I found void to be fun because I got to try out different gear without the risk loosing all my equipment & potions & I eventually found some gear I thought was worth grinding on elsword just sad I can’t practice with new skills, different characters, potions, magic stones, & equipment

  9. i play void…. because my friend plays void so I just join and hope for them to carry me
    but I end up doing that… because they have jobs to do and I'm the one with more experience in NA a while back so
    they have jobs they can't even grind normal in Void how do u guy they gonna grind in NA
    they take almost a week to get their character to 99 before I join and show them back to 1-2days

    a week to get to 99 in Void they gonna a month and more in NA? then I realize they play to 99 for doing the fun PVP together (which I also enjoy the battle royal they always do)
    so end up is I'm and 1 more kid (the youngest one in all of us) is the only one grinding XD so 2 of us is "free boosters" to they Lvl XD

    punch other in the back while they try to fight other is too fun XD

  10. void player play void cuz they don't wanna play a p2w server and don't see grinding too much to get a little stronger, we want faster progress.

  11. i still dont get it what's this video is actually about.
    first it talks about void elsword gone.
    then it trashtalk void's playerbase.
    then it talks about how game industry works? (while trashtalking some spoiled f2p player?)

    the main part of the video starts from 12:35 pretty much, right?

    but i might give maplestory2 a try and diss on bran when i find him cuz why not.

  12. I suppose after reading the headache of comments I'll give my thoughts. I agree and disagree with some points. Regardless of that, you did provide logic to back up your case in many of them. How a person feels about a particular subject is not going to change the logic and neither will a riot. While I feel that private servers should have a place in existence under the right circumstances, it is ultimately a moot point. I would say we can agree on many aspects and for that I will like this video in the hopes that the player base will come to terms with reality.

  13. Just play moba you piece of a pus*y player, you want f2p, then Fu*k this game, this game is just a weeb sh*t, what strategy in this game? Grinding until u the next patch updated new grinding thing. LoL

  14. i quit void a few months before they flushed the servers, sold all my shit but the allegations about one of the staff being pedos was true (head staff btw) and the only thing void had that was better than official server was the PvE, official servers had better PvP imo but the custom items you could unlock with nice af stats were just better than what official gave you, custom titles also. just my take on it from playing both for a decent amount of time but they're both still shit games

  15. I remember GM Lilu was asking me for nudes when I join his guide and two times on forums they expose him for creeping on under age girls. But I doubt that's the reason. He's a perv that take advantage of his staff powers but everyone knows that.

  16. Ima be real with you i only played on Void because in my opinion fuck having to spend real money to buy 5 more skillslots, that was the reason i quit official in the first place and the reason i played on void.

  17. as my experience on both servers (Playing in INT). well, my summary is that void is they know for giving players what they want like lots of access on free ERP page, bank share or skill page that is the most important to a player in Elsword or many costumes to choose from on wardrobe and a good economy, unlike INT, is that you will use IRL money in the future to buy bank share, accessory skill ring, fury ring or another skill page .. this is my opinion and I only play void is that I don't need to pay IRL to make char cute I only play void of free costume XD Il call the server void server a communist server this is my opinion don't hate me

  18. What ? grinding is part of mmorpg ? u my dude need to play guild wars 2 and guess what ? the core game is free and guess what again ? it is not p2w , and the server is 7 years old and still going strong, and no monthly subscription
    and yes any korean mmorpg is p2w u cant change my mind

  19. idk i just used to play void cause i just wanted to have a fast fun time cause i didnt had time to focus in grinding in the real server and i only play this game to have fun with so yeah i like void but i can take it or leave it kinda sad for shutting down but … it had it comin we all knew it this would happen one day :p

  20. This video seems kinda bias. Yes people should expect proper monetization from a free game. Official Elsword is very much p2w or literally sell your soul to the devil and never stop playing it. This shouldn't be a thing because by the time I'm done grinding for all the items I would need they would roll out like two new updates and all my gear is obsolete while the people that pay will be on top in a fraction of the time. And the argument that developers need to eat is not a good argument because if the game is unfair I won't feel like playing it at all anymore when there are plenty of amazing truly f2p games on the market. And if I do wish to pay for the game I would then pay for one that has a subscription service because that way everyone is paying and everyone is on the same ground with the grind.

    I played both void and official but it's been about 2 years since the last time I logged in on either until very recently when the news of void shutting down came to me and it's sad to say that official servers didn't impress me even after all this time. I moved on to better things and I no longer agree with the practices that official server has.

    Developers need to eat but it's also their job to make a good experience that gets people invested not have them feel like they need to throw cash to be relevant because then the players will move to different games and why wouldn't they. Elsword feels like one of those gacha games more than anything and that's not what good mmos should be.

  21. "Don't dislike bomb my video". Takes ten minutes to tell you why I look down on you… I'll let that sit. Anyway I was guildmaster of void's highest level guild. I'm glad the game is gone. I can play better things now.

  22. even with x3 the loot and EXP, u still need to grind after that. like in burning soulworker… after reaching level 60, u can't level up fast with story. still need to grind to get to AoV

  23. well kinda miss the game. even tho i only play like a year or less its still a fun gane as well. do hope they can say its a comeback. n i do agree if they do comeback theres a possibility that they wont fully come back with our player data.

  24. As I played void from release I'd like to say. Yeah I played void cause it was so easy, grind was fast, the cash shop was cheap as and i could hit max level in a night or 2. Am I lazy? Yes Am I going to be a baby and quit elsword all together? No I enjoy this game whether its easier or not. So sign me up for NA servers and lets get on that real grind. Sadly as an aussie NA servers is all I got so I deal with some pretty aids lag. But void Els was just as laggy if not more so not fussed. Honestly I played void for its cheapness tbh. Was so easy to get +10-+11's and full IB sets. But I hope it will be 10x as satisfying when I get them on Official Elsword. Honestly void els community, don't be babies. Yes I'm sad the money I spent on the game is all game. But im not gonna hate elsword as a game, just myself for spending money on a free game.

  25. You can't expect a private server to run forever. It's how things work when you play on one. Same goes for the official, but eh.
    I've stopped playing the official for years and only played void for like a year and from my experience, yes it was actually better than official imo. that's because I had the option to skip through most of the lame parts of the game and start grinding end game! It was awesome how much I progressed in a few months of me playing compared to my pacing from the original game. It kinda hurts me a bit that months of my grinding in void topped years of effort in the official. Sure! void is gone but I honestly expected it to happen since they opened a private server while the main game and company are still operating it, obviously they would try to strike it down especially in its decline. My only complain is why did they change most of their cash grab deals now? why not sooner? it could've made the game even better… ps: for those who keep saying that people who play in private server grind as much as people in official do is a big fat lie. a private server no matter what will always be easier than an official one. thanks! bye bye =)


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