What If You Had Sharp Eagle Vision

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You know how when you watch your first superhero movie or play your first action game, you start wishing really hard to get superpowers? Well, that’s what happened to me. The problem is, my wish came true.

One day, I was playing a video game and got the 6th sense – eagle vision. It was awesome! I could see in the dark, spot people who were hiding from me, and see details from miles away. Before I went to bed, I started thinking about what it would be like in real life…

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How an eagle’s eye works 2:37
How sharp was my vision 3:56
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– I’m woken up by the sound of my alarm. I reach for my glasses on my dresser, but right before I put them on, I notice something strange. Everything is already clear; I don’t need them.
– If we know one thing about eagles, it’s that they have the best vision.
– I won’t have to study for my exams. I can just pin my book on a tree, look outside the window, and copy all the answers. I’ll never have to study again.
– This cool trick is possible because eagles have something in their retina called the Fovea.
– The fovea of an eagle’s eye has 1, 500 cells per square inch – 4 times more than I had before.
– My best friend is the first one to notice I’m not wearing glasses. So, I fess up about my new super vision. But he doesn’t believe me at first.
– I need to go to the eye doctor and have my eyes checked. Before, my vision was terrible; it was 20/100.
– A person with good vision would only have to stand 20 feet away. That’s why you hear it called “20/20 vision”.
– With eagle vision I can see the details of any object from far away without even squinting.
– My brother barged in my room without knocking. He screamed: “I can’t find Milo”, (our cat).
– I know I have to put my superpowers to good use. I remember that eagles can find any living thing that’s hiding.
– Two miles away, near the freeway, I see Milo chasing a little fox. I immediately take off running towards him. I manage to grab him just before he runs into traffic.
– How will my parents react when they get home? I guess I’ll have to tell them to look on the Bright Side.
– I decide to go to bed and talk to everyone about my vision the next day. But when I wake up, everything’s blurry.
– Hopefully next time I play a game I’ll get another superpower from it.

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