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In this video, Skratch Bastid explains DVS, or “Digital Vinyl Systems”. DVS came on the DJ scene in the early 2000s and changed the game entirely. How exactly did it do this, and how does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it? How do the different DVS brands differ?

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  1. Thanks for this vid! i havent touched a deck sine '06 and want to get back but with a set up like this but had no idea how it work, thanks! Any advice on how to fully get a set up like this?

  2. I don’t get it. Are you saying that the vinyl record is not being played, but rather, is only there to indicate timecode placement on a digital file?

  3. Question. Do time code records have “sides”? Like if one side is worn, can you flip it over and use the other side?

    Mostly it’s a question I’ve always had about DVS.

  4. So it doesn't matter where the needle is on the record? What happens when it reaches the middle, do the control vinyl block it from ending accidentally?

  5. Never thought I'd find a video on how this works and how to do it, I thought this was just a myth or a legend! I have to try this!

  6. Awesome video Skratch Bastid, I'm not using computers at all, but was actually curious if you could possibly help me with my new turntable & mixer set up? I recently bought a new Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP, & Pioneer DJM-250-MK2, mixer, as well. I was trying to figure out how to set the needle tracking force with a tracking force scale, & I don't have a paper copy of a Tonearm protractor, for the skating effect, so I wanted to ask a Pro what the best way of doin this is? Thanx man, your extremely appreciated my ninja, great vid, talk soon, nice new Technics 1200 Red Bull Edition, that was an awesome video to watch, where I've never seen a Technics turntable unboxing ever, good times man…. Much Respex, Big Upz, & Mad Love to the Skratch DJ's……👍💪🙏😎

  7. First I'd like to say thank you for creating these videos. I'm an old school DJ. I use to love creating my own remixes using vinyl and knowing where the pitch control went. I'm also expert in blending. Well I sold my equipment 10 years ago because of financial reasons and I was giving it up for good. Well I got the urge to spin again so I bought 1200s, Pioneer mixer and new cartridges and needles. Next up is Serato and a lap top then I want to sell my mixer and get a Rane. Now I never used a mixer with all the sample buttons. Could you do a video teaching how to use them and how to use them when your rocking a party? Thx and I really enjoyed your videos. Btw I was never nice on the cut but now I'm dedicating time into becoming a better scratcher and transforms. Any cuts you be willing to teach would be grest. I saw the chirp scratch video.btw I never sold my vinyl.

  8. I haven't DJ'ed in about 18 years and recently started to gain interest again. So I started watching some Wu-Tang scratch sessions on YT. I had NO IDEA this technology existed and was getting ready to go to war in the comments saying the video I was watching was fake and blah blah. I'm glad my old ass researched a bit before hand. The DJ maneuvers I was watching were all there and accurate which was confusing the shit outta me because the song kept changing without the needle switching positions on the vinyl and the dj would just randomly pick the needle up and drop it with a flick of the wrist. I was like… NOPE FAKE. I landed on this video and I'm glad I did. This technology is absolutely amazing and I wish I had it back when I was in my prime. The mixing and scratching skill is still fully there. It's just made more accessible and quicker to access. Incredible technology and I'm going to dive deeper into. Thank you for the video and clarification!

  9. Is this DVS part of the software package then? Could you use the same set up to dj actually vinyl records in the traditional way? I'm looking to get into DJing and have a small vinyl collection I'd like to use but also love the possibilities of using any digital song you have with a vinyl scratching feel!

  10. Say I wanted the Kool Gee Rap album Road To The Riches.
    Do I buy it electronically so that it's stored on my lap top to use through Serato?

  11. This is offing informative – I saw this system on a live session once and wondered why the hell he never changed records – and then you taught me DVS!

  12. you the man bruh! I am a newbie in the DJ field.. and I am opting to use DVS but dont really know how it works and… but after watching your video… man I am surely going for TURNTABLES and DVS! good job bro!


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