When Texas Turns Blue, the GOP's Chances in Congress Dwindle

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  1. I am a very old lady and. I am not a gullible person. I am a Independent Voter. Some people can not lose a Election Gracefully. If Texas turns Blue the Republicans r. going to claim there Democrats cheated. If Texas turns Blue the Republicans will b will b extremely angry. The Republicans r trying to Pass. The Unnecessary Voting Suppression Laws. They r trying to control who can and can not Mail n there Vote. I bet they want b standing n a very long line waiting to Vote. They Republicans want People to. Stand n a very long line for hours to Vote for them. If they cared about the People who. Votes for them they would not try to. Inconvenience the People who Votes for the Republicans.

  2. I am watching Texas constantly because I do feel due to the chaos and failure of Abbott and many of the GOP leaders in Texas during the ice storm, I do believe 2022 will be the year the Dems flip the governorship. Ted Cruz obviously will continue to screw up and I do see him losing in 2024, John Coryn may also lose in 2026.

  3. In the end it seemed like you were saying that 1st Texas would need a blue governor in order to make sure proper districts are drawn & voting laws are in place (but I dont think you mentioned the latter) I was thinking about governor, Senate & Presidency. Next year Beto is expected to run for governor & I think he has a real chance of winning. He could clean up the state and provide a morale boost for 2024. Then that year we can see Julian Castro replacing Ted Cruz & the state going blue to elect Kamala. That would be phenomenal

  4. You’re missing the potential effects of voter suppression. If our democracy (representative government, not political party) falters through voter suppression it won’t matter if the population changes if it is prevented from voting. I’d like to see these calculations redone with estimated effects of the proposed voter suppression laws throughout the country.

  5. I think it should be noted that these shifts will only continue if the voter turnout is similar. That being so unlikely, the turn to blue will be much slower

  6. I believe democrats need to push campaigns of getting young people registered to vote. The contrast between Obama and Trump, has pushed youth to be more aware and engaged about politics now. Many young adults who are turning 18 or will be around midterms and primaries are petrified of another Trump or Trumpish Republican gaining power. This is something Democrats can benefit from greatly because the fear is real and a majority of youth are more independent or left leaning.

    I worked at a youth center when Trump became president. I remember hearing so many 14-21yr youth saying they will register and no longer just ignore politics because everything was at stake. They understood the real threat on their livelihoods. And now with the pandemic and seeing how incompetent Republicans were. These all drew a dire need to participate and vote. Democrats will benefit greatly if they budget more money focusing on 18+

  7. I hope Texas turns blue- it would be a massive shock for the Republican party that would force them to reconsider their culture-wars-oriented platform and be an actual party again.

  8. The changing demographics is only part of the issue. The other issue for the observed "shift to the left", which should more correctly be called "shift towards the democratic party" is also due to the GOP politics doing a massive shift to the ultra-far right, way into fruitcake territory. And I'm a conservative….. This is obvious if you look at issues, where 70-80% of the population support many policies the GOP is labeling as socialist. (Healthcare reform, minimum wage increase etc) The public hasn't abandoned the GOP so much as the GOP has abandoned the public.

  9. I have lived in Texas my entire life ( I am 57 yrs old) for the last 30yrs the demon rats have been claiming we are 1 election away from turning blue. Hasn't happened yet. My democrat friends here are pretty upset about how left the democrat party has moved. Keep dreaming fruitloops

  10. Fun fact: there is a clause in the Texas constitution allowing it to split into 5 states without approval of Congress giving it five times the power in the senate

  11. between being fucked by the GOPs bullshit leaving them with an unregulated power grid that leads to people's death. Including a Freaking child.

    the former or sitting republicans Whining how those people were in need and "looking for a handout" in a FUCKING EMERGENCY

    and the optics of ted Cruz Fucking off to Cancun And being priced gouged to the tune of Thousands of dollars While some of them owe even more in water damage, I think the GOP is fucked

  12. Also the fact its at least a possibility that DC and PR one or the other could become a state. Especially DC would further buffer it for them. Idk about PR tho

  13. Please volunteer for or donate to, which has been doing amazing work in Texas such as training VDRs, making phone calls for down ballot candidates (more than 2,000,000 in one day), getting folks registered for the covid vaccine, getting people registered for the vote (200,000 last year).

  14. All dems need to do is keep chipping in around the suburbs while getting back to Hillary Clinton level support at the Rio Grande valley. Republicans are running out of winnable states. From the progression of Virginia and Colorado, when a southern red state flips blue, it will only get bluer faster. Even if they somehow make Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania solid red, losing Texas still makes the map so favorable to dems. They have to either convince white suburban voters to come back or to somehow improve even more among non-white voters. Both seem unlikely if not impossible.


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