Winner – Empty (공허해) [Hangul/Romanization/English] Color & Picture Coded HD

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Now just need to wait for iKon’s debut~
▼Check out the rest of the album in the links below▼

Color Code:
Jinwoo – Purple
Mino – Blue
Seunghoon – Orange
Taehyun – Green
Seungyoon – Red
Tracklist: (Only songs I have subbed)
1. Empty (공허해): ♫Now Playing♫
2. Color Ring (컬러링):
Artist: Winner
Song: Empty (공허해)
Album: 2014 S/S
Hangul: music.daum
Romanization: thelapan
Translation: pop!gasa
Color Coding: colorcodedlyrics
Subbed: Kimoi21200

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  1. TUE 6OCT2020 7:21AM

    I havent heard this song in years and today I woke up and this song suddenly keep playing in my head and so i decided to check up the lyrics and omg i think this might be message from that person i met 2 years ago . We didnt know each other but it seems like he trying to be my friend . He tried to talk to me but it didnt work bcs i look like a murderer lol . Im kind of shock rn bcs of the lyrics bcs i think this is how he might feel rn .

  2. It's true dat B.I brought me here wenever i listen t dis song it reminds me f him…..😭😭😭
    Nd I'm soo happy dat winner members made justice fr dis song by der beautiful voice

  3. I have been looking for this song over years. The only thing i remember is dashi mannayo. So many times try to type it on Google. Just today i found it

  4. I still don't understand, why could'nt they (team A & B) debut as one group? 11 member in one group aren't too much I think. I mean really.. if they debut as one, with all of their tallents, it'd be fantastis, baby! They can make it bigger than they're now… They don't need to compete each other & more importantly they can be saved from ruin their mental health 😑


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