Epic Score – Liberators ( EXTENDED Remix by Kiko10061980 )

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Epic Score – Liberators ( EXTENDED Remix by Kiko10061980 )

Artist: Epic Score
Album: Vengeance
Composer: Daniel James


HALO WARS 2 Cinematic Trailer

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  1. best game ever.
    master chief. was my fav. loved the story/game. my son got me addicted he was my master chief throughought the game. he was suprisingly a good leader. we made a good team beat the whole game. his 19 now. he gives the fckoff attitude to me now. playing with gamers his age lol. i guess warcraft is a btch game.i be hearing them acting crazy. like the white house.
    and its not funny. im a peaceful taurus. fcking a yall.

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  4. The part at 1:14-15 where the Covenant and USMC forces are staring at each other and both their fighters are going at each other just gave me goosebumps. it's like those two are staring at each other like "we see who's left standing" and like the calm before the storm. that was Epic!!. Thank you for uploading this.

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  7. You did the original track justice! I'm not the biggest fan of Halo (didn't grow up on Xbox), but the cinematics are most certainly fitting.

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